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Everyone deserves to have smooth and radiant skin.


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Everyone deserves to have smooth and radiant skin. Adopting the right skin procedure will help remove wrinkles, treat acne, and keep the skin glowing. For the best results, you should combine home care with in-clinic skin treatments. We provide reliable skin treatments with proven results:

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Acne Treatment (Back)

Constant acne breakouts can be painful, leave scarring, and could take a toll on your confidence. Back acne has similar characteristics to facial acne and is characterized by pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, scarring, and oily skin. The severity of back acne may vary from a few pimples to a breakout on the entire back. We have a range of treatment procedures aimed at tackling acne and putting you in control of your life. Our experienced dermal technician will assess your skin and tailor a suitable treatment plan.

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Tattoo Removal

There are several reasons why you may seek tattoo removal services. You may have outgrown the tattoo, and it no longer makes you happy. You may also seek a tattoo removal if you want to create room for a new tattoo. At Rose Beauty Clinic, we use sophisticated technology that has revolutionized tattoo removal. You should always choose tattoo removal services carefully because not every other beauty clinic offers reliable tattoo removal services. You would not want to settle for inferior services, which could leave you with a greyish stain after removal. With our professional tattoo removal services, you are sure that nothing could go wrong.

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Scar Removal

You may not feel bothered by a small scar or a scar that is easy to conceal. However, when a scar is conspicuous, you may be wondering whether there is a way to treat or eliminate it. Even if a scar may never go away completely, there are various ways to reduce its size or improve its appearance. At Rose Beauty Clinic, we can help you get rid of:

● Contracture scars
● Keloid scars
● Acne scars
● Hypertrophic scars

You can choose from our wide range of scar removal treatments, including laser scar removal, dermabrasion, injections, ointments, and chemical peels.

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Body Contouring

Rose Beauty Clinic offers non-invasive body contouring treatments that help in cellulite reduction and excess fat removal. Some of the leading benefits of our body contouring treatments include:

● Minimal downtimes and side effects
● Non-invasive
● Pain-free procedures
● Safe and effective removal of excessive fats
● Smoother skin texture

What should you expect during a body contouring procedure? We carry out the procedure in line with the recommended protocols. The treatment duration is typically between 20-60 minutes and will vary depending on the size of the treatment area. The body contouring procedure is comfortable and painless. Body contouring helps break down the fat cells, and the body removes the broken fat cells as waste.

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